Apple Information

Apple Varieties

Timeless Prairie Orchard grows 23 of the newest and most flavorful apple varieties. Apples are grown for many uses and the Apple Variety Reference Chart below displays each specific apple, the estimated harvest date and recommended uses. We are proud to grow great tasting apples that meet a variety of taste preferences and culinary needs.

Harvest DateEatingPieSauceBakingFreezingSalads
ZestarLate August
JonamacEarly September
Early JonathanMid September
HoneycrispMid September
Early FujiMid September
CortlandMid September
McIntoshMid September
FujiMid September
GalaLate September
Snow SweetLate September
Golden DeliciousMid September
JonathanMid October
Asian PearMid September
LateGold DeliciousMid September
Crimson CrispMid September
Late September
Late September
Late GalaEarly October
CameoMid October
AmbrosiaMid October
Kumeo CrimsonMid October
The preceding chart is an estimate of harvest availability. Available quantities are determined by sales, weather, and many other factors. For information regarding specific requests or orders please call the orchard.

Apple Descriptions

Sweet aromatic flavor with flowery taste.

Late fall very firm and tart. Big Crunch for eating and a great pie apple.

Sub acid flavor with a snappy crunch.

White Flesh with Unique tart flavor, great for baking and sauces.

Crimson Crisp
Mild tart flavor with a juicy crunch.

Early Golden Delicious
Sweet tasting lots of flavor for eating and baking, stores well.

Flavorful sweet taste and crunch, excellent eating.

Distinct yellow & orange color with sweet & crunchy texture.

Golden Delicious
Full flavored early variety, great for eating and baking.

Explosively crisp and juicy, balanced flavor, stores well for eating, baking sauces and freezing.

Excellent white fleshed tart flavored apple that will pucker your taste buds. Holds its shape in baking.

Rich flavored red apple, widely recognized favorite for fresh eating and tart addition to sauces.

Sweet 16
Rose Red with stripes, sweet taste with a hint of licorice.

Snow Sweet
Green and Yellow full flavored tart apple. Great for fresh eating and pies.

Large Green apple with a tart snappy taste. Great for sauces and baking.

Crunchy sweet over tart juicy taste with flavor for eating and baking.

Featured Apple: Honeycrisp

Honeycrisp is our favorite featured apple!
It has been tagged the caviar of apples. It’s sweet/tart tasting notes accents your taste buds with a crunchy burst of flavor. Honeycrisp are wonderful for eating, but we recommend it for cooking and baking too. When you cook with Honeycrisp you need little or NO sugar. So Nutritionally it is a fabulous apple. When slicing the apple for snacks it doesn’t brown like other apples, and is always Great with cheese.

Selecting and Storing Apples

  • Select apples that are bruise and blemish free and firm.
  • Store apples in a vented plastic bag in your refrigerator’s humidity controlled produce drawer.
  • Apples kept cold at 38 – 40 degrees will last longer, apples stored room temps will ripen much quicker and remove damaged or overripe apples from the bag.
  • Wash apples under running water for 20 seconds before cutting or eating.

Weights & Measures

½ Pack=5 – 6 lbs.
=16 medium apples
1 – 2 9” pies
3.5 – 4.5 quarts frozen
=2 quarts canned
1 Pack=10 – 12 pounds
=32 medium apples
=3 – 4 9 inch pies
=7 – 9 quarts frozen
=4 quarts
1 Bushel=42-48 pounds
=126 medium apples
=15 – 9 inch pies
=30 – 36 pints frozen
=16 – 20 quarts canned